:: "Everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, where we come from..." ::
As the Commandant of the Marine Corps commemorated the 242th Birthday of our
beloved Corps, we are reminded of our obligation as highly trained professionals that
are here to defend the nation against a common foe, on a common battle front. The
Brotherhood of Marines Riders has taken that aspect a bit further and gathered a
group of Former, Retired, Active Duty and Reserve Marines. All riders own an
American motorcycle, and those not currently active must be Honorably Discharged.
The common bond we have is that of being a Marine --
"Once a Marine, Always a Marine".
As Marines
As a Department of the Navy
"From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli"
The United States Marine Corps is, by Continental Congress Declaration, a
Department of the Navy. The U.S. Navy has been fighting and dying, side by side
with the Marine Corps since the birth the Corps. Therefore the Navy Corpsman that
serves with the Corps is also more than welcome to become a member of the
Brotherhood of Marine Corps Riders.
Brotherhood of Marine Riders, the Not-for-Profit Organization
Late 2005 saw the establishment of the BMCR as a Not for Profit Organization
dedicated to raising money for other charitable organizations by participating in fund
raising events throughout Southern California.

As a club, we have taken up the cause of supporting the Injured Marines Semper Fi
Fund because we feel that helping Marines in need is our duty. Our annual Poker
Run benefits the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund seeks to
raise contributions that aid Marines injured in conflicts throughout the world that
cannot be with their families in times of healing. Contributions to the fund help unite
injured Marines and their families by providing airline and transportation needs all
over the US.

In May 2017, we raised more than $25,000 thanks to all the support received from
our generous sponsors and participants.  That's $184,000+ over the last thirteen
years...all going to the Semper Fi Fund! And we would like to thank all of you that
supported our goal...we could not have done it without all of you and your support!
Member News
Congratulations to our latest members:

NECK TIE - Patched MAY 2018

   (Pictures forthcoming)

We are a group of current and former Marines and FMF Corpsmen that share a common love of riding "American
Motorcycles ". The saying " Once a Marine, Always a Marine " holds true and that feeling of Brotherhood and commitment to
God, Country, and Corps runs deep within us. We are not a political club and we do not claim any territory as an MC. We
are not interested in interfering with or joining in the affairs of others. We ride the roads of this country as free men and will
do so because we have earned the right and have fought, as Marines before us have fought, "In Every Clime and Place" to
secure that freedom we hold so dear.
The Final Inspection:

GULLIVER - Passed OCT 25, 2017
Until Valhalla, Brother!